Enterprise 5G Simplified & Amplified

Taking advantage of all the embedded benefits of 5G, it is now possible for enterprises to address their biggest networking challenges by switching to spectrum based wireless solutions.

With CBRS in the US, and similar initiatives to coordinate private spectrum in every major market, enterprises don’t have to worry about interference, security, latency and speed.

With guaranteed latency & speed of download and upload times real time applications really work. With a simpler “no wires necessary” approach, networks can be built and operated with full visibility into Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.

With advanced routing and resiliency built into Pente’s platform availability and consistency reaches new heights. Working with Hyperscalers, service providers, system integrators, solution developers, OEMs and others in our partner ecosystem, Pente dramatically improves in-door and outdoor connectivity availability & quality, through an OPEX model that reduces expenses by avoiding cabling infrastructure.

With the best cellular radios and other edge devices, Pente’s 5G for Enterprise solutions work at the edge and in the core. Cloud-native, Pente’s solution works perfectly with multi-cloud environments and is intuitive for IT and OT teams to manage.

What will you do with your own private 5G network? Check out these Pente real-world examples.

Manufacturing – Industry 4.0

Pente enterprise private LTE/5G network deployed for a manufacturing site to overcome WiFi QoS, TCO and connectivity gaps with inefficiencies in covering large areas, via huge metal infrastructure disturbances, providing coverage and connectivity of people machinery and sensors, across wide areas and in a secure fully owned IT managed network.

Chemical factories require outdoor, large area, as well as indoor coverage. Such sites operate in remote rural locations, with sensors, advanced machinery, complicated processes and a combination of IT and OT needs. Pente’s enterprise 5G solution is a complete private network, fully owned and managed by the IT team with a superior Quality of Service and TCO.


Pente’s Enterprise 5G Solution is being used in smart warehouses in which autonomous devices, sensors and personnel are on the premise and require ultra low latency and high bandwidth guaranteed performance, in a secure independent environment, fully owned & managed by the IT team.

School Classrooms & Campuses

COVID forced a lot of industries and verticals to jump ahead with their digital transformation plans. School districts needed to provide quality of service connectivity to schools, students, teachers, and staff to support remote learning, administration and logistics. In several school districts in the U.S, Pente’s solution supports 5G broadband connectivity making sure that all participants in the education system can experience broadband via a fully-managed, fully controlled, secure independent e-learning experience.

Smart Agriculture

Pente’s solution enables smart agriculture companies and farms by providing low latency high speed bandwidth, wide area connectivity for autonomous agriculture machinery, vehicles and smart sensors all connected to control centers from which the farms are remotely monitored and managed.

WiFi Enhancement

Pente is working closely with enterprise Wi-Fi router OEMs. Our solution is enhancing enterprise Wi-Fi capabilities & security (Zero Trust policies) to deliver LTE/5G to the CPEs (Consumer Premises Equipment), coexisting with the Wi-Fi network within the enterprise site.


Pente’s enterprise 5G solution is used by seaports to provide independent isolated wireless cellular network connectivity around the port to manage the whereabouts, location, security cameras, and personnel. Our solution addressed specific connectivity needs in a wide area, highly dense metal environment with specific location identification requirements, optimized cost management and OT KPIs.

Medical Centers

Hospitals are unique in their need to support in regular times a combination of visitors, patients, personnel, wide range of sensors, machinery data and asset tracking capabilities. The combination of requirements from MRI handoff to making a video call into ER is complicated and challenging. In crisis mode, the burden over the hospital connectivity capabilities was beyond the current infrastructure’s capabilities. The Pente private network is used by hospitals in order to provide highly reliable, secured low latency, high bandwidth dedicated separated network – resilient, secure and able to operate even in crisis mode where all other networks are either being overloaded or decommissioned.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies require a higher level of privacy and security at the office as well as outside the premise off the institution and at home. Several institutions have licensed Pente’s enterprise private 5G solution to provide their employees zero trust level of security and privacy on their private devices when at the office on site, and even more importantly while they roam into public networks and Wi-Fi routers. The Pente solution provides private network control and security even when one is roaming into public areas.

Rural Broadband

Pente’s private enterprise 5G solution is being used by rural America to provide independent CBRS and 5G connectivity for mission critical infrastructure, utilities, businesses and consumers, in locations where carriers are either unable or uninterested to deploy 5G. The Pente solution provides connectivity in a high end, fully secured fully independent networks, fully managed by the enterprises and municipalities who deploy them.

Water Management

Public utilities, including water management companies, are using Pente’s solution in order to install, deploy, manage, operate and optimize cost for smart meters across urban areas with the ability to operate independently from mobile carriers at a far lower cost.


Construction companies planning new business parks and buildings are taking into consideration the fact that they can offer LTE and 5G connectivity abilities, replacing or coexisting with Wi-Fi and network cables. These companies are adjusting their construction plans to support less cables and fewer Wi-Fi router deployment points, reducing complexity and cost. Furthermore, thanks to “neutral host” features, these kinds of enterprise 5G infrastructure investment are potential profit centers, from selling services to in-house enterprises all the way through selling roaming virtual capabilities to mobile network operators.

Ski Resorts

In remote ski resorts there are complex connectivity needs. The Pente enterprise 5G solution provides both broadband wireless connectivity for the people who come to vacation and ski, as well as for the ski resort facilities with broadband wireless and wired connectivity. These private networks connect sensors, CCTV’s, security cameras and employee’s smartphones and other devices. Traditional technologies are too expensive to deploy and operate at the QoS that is required to support the resort needs; Pente’s approach is faster, more secure and substantially more cost-efficient.

Energy Metering

Pente’s private 5G network enables energy companies smart metering deployments in urban areas. The Pente Networks solution provides the energy company IT department the ability to deploy, manage, and operate distributed smart meter systems across the city, while being fully independent from public networks for the highest quality of service and security at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional approaches.

Asset Tracking

Pente’s 5G enterprise network solutions are used by logistics companies to track, monitor, and manage valuable assets in motion. Benefits include optimization of storage, tighter coordination of pick-up routes, and big With high availability, fast, secure and affordable connectivity, supporting a variety of sensors in the most challenge environments, Pente supports system integrators and supply chains in their aim to more efficiently manage assets and positively impact the bottom line.