Pente Networks Selected by Datora for Advanced Mobile Core Serving IoT, Industrial IoT, and Other Edge Solutions


May 2022
Pente Networks Marketing

5G networks have the greatest potential to revolutionize the world of technology, enabling ultra-reliable, high-speed, low-latency, power-efficient, high-density wireless connectivity.

While private 5G is only recently beginning to accelerate, it has rapidly grown since the interest in the technology began. The global private 5G network market size is estimated to reach USD 14.28 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 39.7 percent between now and then.

Deloitte predicts that over the next decade hundreds of thousands of companies will deploy private 5G networks.

Last week, Pente Networks, provider of disruptive 4G/5G/LTE mobile core software technologies that simplify the design, development, monitoring, management, and overall operations of enterprise wireless networks, announced they were selected by Datora Telecom Group, a 30-year Brazilian multinational company specializing in telecommunications and Internet of Things.

“Datora has begun to implement a second virtual mobile network core based on our private 4G/5G/LTE operating system,” said Roy Timor-Rousso, CRO of Pente. “The introduction of private wireless services for their business customers makes Datora one of the first MVNOs to operate with two geographically redundant cores, bringing more robustness and reliability to its end-users.”

With Pente’s support, Datora is now able to guarantee even more quality, reliability, and security enabling their partners and customers to support the digital transformation of their businesses, including support of M2M, IoT, and Industrial IoT platforms, according to Timor-Rousso.

“This partnership strengthens their leadership and reputation as a pioneer in the rapidly growing MVNO market, with the full range of network and communication service elements with the flexibility and simplicity required to move businesses forward in an increasingly hyper-connected world,” Timor-Rousso explained.

Datora chose to create a private cloud installed in a Data Center in Rio de Janeiro as a second point of operation and that can be extended to more points as needed in the same infrastructure model.

An important advantage of the adopted model and the integration of Pente solutions is the ease of creating a 4G or 5G private network,” Timor-Rousso said. “Compact but expandable, the additional capabilities delivered by our software platform fit into the global trend of private networks designed to replace physical networks and give more flexibility and mobility to operations.”

The Datora Group is formed by Datora and Arqia, companies that offer intelligent connectivity solutions and platforms in a variety of segments. Datora started operations in Brazil in 1993 and 3 years later it was the first to supply VoIP in Latin America.

Currently, it is present throughout Brazil and has offices in Spain, the United States, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, France, Sweden, and Israel, we offer a complete portfolio of IoT connectivity services/solutions platforms.

Arqia, the mobile technology unit of the Datora Group, was founded in 2011 and was created exclusively to serve the IoT market, as well as being a facilitating platform for the entry of companies of any segment into the mobile services market and value-added solutions through the MVNO model.

Earlier this year, Telefonica announced they are working with Pente on enterprise wireless solutions in their regions.

Originally published on IoT Evolution World

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