Is Your Enterprise Network Working for You?

The need for speed, performance, reliability, security and economic efficiency is only going to become more challenging. With Enterprise 5G from Pente Networks, you can move into the fast lane now and take an important step as innovation and digital transformation drives customer success and business productivity.

We Mean Business

Prepare now for the massive transformation happening across every industry as automated and autonomous systems, AI, machine learning, supercomputing, AR/VR and other compute-intensive business applications become real. Prepare for the opportunities CBRS spectrum opens up in the US. Connect, compute and most of all – compete.

On January 27, 2020, the FCC authorized full use of the CBRS band for wireless service provider commercialization without the restrictions to prevent interference with military use of the spectrum. Under the new rules, anyone using CBRS may deploy 5G mobile networks without having to acquire spectrum.

Lead, follow or get out of the way.

The 5G enterprise market is expected to grow from USD 2.1 billion in 2021 to USD 10.9 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 31.8%, according to Market&Markets. Industry 4. 0 is driving the investment in and development of smart infrastructure and the delivery of differentiated 5G services using network slicing techniques and more.

Pente is a pioneer in Enterprise 5G network technologies across industries including those listed below.


Pente is fully focused on bringing 5G federated networking solutions to enterprises who are now able to create, monitor, manage and optimize private wireless networks.


With the ever-expanding edge and exciting Industrial IoT innovations at the edge, utility companies need fast, resilient, ultra-secure data networks that work everywhere, including in remote locations.


In our hyper-connected world, leading logistics companies help other enterprises save time and money by removing “friction” and driving significant efficiencies. Enterprise 5G gives logistics the ability to operate smart , autonomous vehicles, efficiency, reduced TCO , control, visibility and simplicity making legacy networks obsolete.

Industry 4.0

5G promises to be a key enabler for “Factories of the Future” given benefits including a more unified communications platform, faster speeds, greater embedded security, and all the benefits of truly wireless connectivity, supporting automation, AI and more.


Pente supports precision agriculture and other commercial farming applications by making it exponentially easier to connect sensors and support intelligent, automated systems, from self-driving tractors to advanced greenhouse horticulture.


Working with system integrators and solution providers in the education industry, Pente is bringing a new level of high-performance private data networking to school districts, enhancing both in-classroom and remote learning, while making campuses safer.


Whether we are working with luxury ski resorts, large casinos, hotel chains, restaurants or entertainment venues, Pente brings 5G connectivity that is easy to manage, scale up, and secure by empowering our solutions and integration partners.


Large hospitals and medical schools can now own and operate their own 5G private network across multiple buildings and distributed locations. In building quality of experience has never been better, and critical infrastructure and assets never more protected.

Smart Cities

Private 5G and LTE networking is poised to unlock the potential of the IoT and large scale connected communities with faster, more flexible, fully wireless and completely secured data communications supporting use cases from public safety to environmental sensing, waste management and more.