5G for Enterprise – Simplified.

5G and LTE will empower enterprises to dramatically improve how they engage with customers, deliver services, and liberate themselves from complex and expensive legacy private networks.

Excitement is building, but along with the hype comes concerns about the best approach to take, avoiding rushing into the wrong 5G investments, or failing to act fast enough to keep their competitive edge.

Digital Transformation

As more devices, machines, and systems become connected, the evolution of IoT and Industrial IoT will accelerate, ultimately ushering in a digital world where nearly everything is smart.

Given the pace of change, Pente’s philosophy is to provide simplified, scalable, and secure enterprise 5G solutions which do not force IT and OT teams to make expensive decisions. Instead, we make it easy to create, operate and grow Enterprise 5G “as a service” working with world-class partners who bring everything together, from hardware and firmware to software and cloud, so organizations have all the tools they need to build and launch competitive digital offerings.

Welcome to the Federation!

In the world of connectivity and global networking, the concept of federating networks is emerging as both an opportunity for entrepreneurial exploration, and a potential threat to legacy telecom providers who are fighting to maintain their walled gardens even as new models have exploded in growth given the creativity and cost savings combinations.

Enterprises are connected into a federated network, which supports ecosystems in completely new and powerful ways. For mobile IoT, every enterprise device and every enterprise asset on the move can roam via any other network while being managed and controlled, without enterprises having to contract with and deal with multiple providers.

Enterprises benefit with lower or no up-front capex, a flexible opex model, an intuitive admin experience, and comprehensive analytics and reporting. Easier, faster, smarter.

Huge Opportunities Opening Up in The US

The FCC has allocated new wireless spectrums for private use making ultra high-speed secure networking possible. A new 150 Mhz spectrum is now available as a shared spectrum for private communications. CBRS can be used to drive multiple use cases that require guarantied connectivity latency and speed, reduce the number of wireless access points needed in-commercial building, outdoor sites even underground locations, and can be deployed as an overlay, extending and enhancing WiFi and other wireless investments in place.

A Global Drive to Build more Open RAN Networks, Accelerating 5G & Preparing for 6G

According to the GSMA, by 2025, 5G networks are likely to cover one-third of the world’s population. The impact on the mobile industry and its customers will be profound.


“5G is more than a new generation of technologies; it denotes a new era in which connectivity will become increasingly fluid and flexible. 5G Networks will adapt to applications and performance will be tailored precisely to the needs of the user.”

Pente for Enterprises

Take advantage of the benefits of 5G. Faster speeds, lower latency, and improved device performance and security sets the stage for digital transformation: automated, intelligent technologies that will enhance business performance and revolutionize the customer experience.

Pente for Service Providers

Communications, Digital and Cloud Service Providers can utilize Pente Network’s architecture to seamlessly deploy 5G without limitations, across bare metal and cloud as a true software product.

Pente for SIs & OEMs

SIs and OEMs can deploy Pente on any cloud, private or public, and deploy it anywhere, centralized or at the edge, using virtual machines or containers, giving IT teams the freedom to choose the deployment model and to rearrange the network as a business needs change.